Margaret Keyser Consulting - Transforming conflict into peaceful and productive relationships
About Us
We work with diverse groups to bring about justice, peace and reconciliation.
We rebuild and restore the productivity of groups and organizations through the transformation of conflicts, racial and cultural divisions and a range of challenging issues.
 Our Services 
  • Mediation, facilitation, and team building
  • Effective communication skills training
  • Creative problem solving skills  and strategies
  • Transformative dialogue processes 
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation work
  • Coaching institutional leaders to deal effectively with conflicts
  • Speaking engagements

Where we work
We work with diverse groups across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, elsewhere in the US and internationally. 

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you!

Locking horns or...tusks?
I received this poster from a colleague, and I thought... how appropriate!
Our Clients include

  • Educational institutions
  • State agencies
  • Faith communities
  • Theological schools
  • Social service agencies
  • Community organizations
  • A variety of work places
  • And many more ...

We are based in Northampton, MA
(860) 670-0706